Motivational Speaking

Have Kevin Brooks Speak at Your Event

Wish-A-ThonKevin Brooks is a well known figure not just in the realm of Professional Football but also in the realm of inspiration, motivation, and life changing scenarios. An authority on many subjects, Kevin is compelled to change the lives and inspire each person he is fortunate enough to have contact with. Mr. Brooks shares his life’s experiences and triumphs at many corporate venues but not limiting himself from churches, life events, and more. With his knowledge and passion, he is a powerful profile to any event or occasion .

What Kevin Speaks About

Kevin’s Motivational Goals

Kevin Brooks strives to motivate each individual to take control of his or her own destiny. With guidance and support, communities can arise above unfortunate circumstances and embrace healthy, cultivating journeys of life. Whether there be a need for spiritual guidance, a way out of despair and depression, or a healthier lifestyle, Kevin Brooks can inspire all to embark upon a positive journey into an edifying direction.

Why Choose Kevin Brooks

Kevin Brooks is such an inspiration to everyone who has had the opportunity to hear him speak. His tumultuous descent into a long battle with of weight, self esteem, and career issues; ultimately polished him for a new beginning. Through life obstacles M. Brooks is now fulfilling his true destiny of greatness and favor.

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